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Top Ten Mistakes that Landlords Make in the Eviction Process

1. Landlords wait too long before they file an eviction complaint.
By giving tenants too many second chances, landlords often lose several months of rent before they initiate the eviction process. Why? Because landlords don't want to hire an attorney, they don't know Ohio eviction law, or they don't know how to file an Ohio eviction complaint themselves.

2. Landlords don't know how to use a three day eviction notice.
Landlords either don't know how to serve the three day eviction notice on the tenant, fail to serve the three day eviction notice immediately upon a breach of the lease by the tenant, don't know how to count the three days and file the eviction complaint too early or too late, or think that the three day eviction notice serves as the actual eviction complaint and illegally evict the tenant without going to court.

3. Landlords use a generic three day eviction notice that does not comply with Ohio law.
Because they are in a hurry after letting several months pass without collecting any rent and because they are trying to save money, landlords obtain a generic three day eviction notice that does not comply with Ohio eviction law and risk losing in court and losing more money in lost rent and additional filing fees.

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Landlord's rights when tenants late on rent and destroying property

I have begun the eviction process on my current tenants living at my property at 597 Jefferson St in Urbana, OH. I posted the 3-day vacate notice on the property using bright orange paper on 7-31-07. Per the 3-day timeline, they should have moved out on or before this past Saturday, 8-4; however, they have chosen not to and still remain in the property.

In addition, I have placed now two for sale signs on the property (in the yard), and they have removed both of them and not returned them to me, stating that by law they have the right to remove the signs since they are still living there. Can you comment on this?

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Bailiff and ordinary mail service necessary for eviction summons/complaint

I ran into a problem in eviction court today after learning that a tenant had not been properly served. I was about to reschedule service when the clerk informed me that service was returned because the postal carrier had indicated that the unit was vacant and did not deliver the summons/complaint. The landlord told me otherwise and feared that this tenant had a reputation for setting up landlords with unlawful eviction counterclaims.

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Avoid this eviction nightmare: student sublets to scam artist

Mr. Johnson, in return for right to occupy the apartment for the remainder of Jocelyn's lease with the University Rentals, from June 23, 2007 to September 6, 2007, had agreed to do the following:


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